Empowering Human Resilience Through Scientific Discovery and Strength-Based Innovation

Empowering Human Resilience Through Scientific Discovery and Strength-Based Innovation

Our Mission

The mission of the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience is to advance human resilience to adversity by designing evidence-based solutions through interdisciplinary research, healing therapies, and community training and empowerment. This is accomplished through the work of our three divisions: Research, Healing, and Community Training & Empowerment. 

By conducting cutting-edge research focused on human resilience, our scientific discoveries are paving the way for tomorrow's breakthroughs in mental health therapies to address the needs of trauma survivors. Today, our Healing division works with a variety of clients, ranging from Veterans and first responders to UCCS students and community members, with a focus on helping individuals and families heal from trauma. And our Community Training & Empowerment division provides trainings and workshops to empower individuals, communities, and organizations with the tools needed to build mental health resiliency.      


What is Resilience?  

Resilience is the systemic and dynamic process of responding adaptively to adversity over time. The ability of a system to respond to adversity with resilience is context-dependent. Resilience involves the ability to function competently and effectively even when facing significant stressors or experiencing disorder or distress.


Check out the Institute's Latest Annual Report!

Take a look at the 2023 Annual Report here

Milestones Resilience Care is Now Open!

Milestones Resilience Care Promo Header

We are proud to announce that Milestones Resilience Care, the Institute’s newest clinic, is now open. To learn how this cutting-edge clinic is helping individuals recover from trauma, stress, and burnout, visit the Milestones Resilience Care website here.   


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