Research Affiliate Program (Goals & Benefits)

Research Affiliate Program (Goals & Benefits)

Goals of the Institute Research Affiliate Program


  • Connect scholars across disciplines within and outside of UCCS who are passionate about contributing to the mission of the Institute.
  • Facilitate collaborative relationships and provide the needed infrastructure to Affiliates to enhance their success in publishing and securing extramural funding for their work.
  • Provide forums for educational programming, training, and scholarly discussions around human resilience.

Benefits to Research Affiliates

Connection and Collaboration

  • Collaboration with world-renowned researchers, interventionists, leaders, and organizations
  • Multi-disciplinary funding opportunities
  • Networking opportunities with cross-disciplinary research and groups
  • Mentoring and Consultation in the formation of innovative and collaborative research teams

Comprehensive pre-award and post-award grant support is provided to PI’s, Co-PI’s, and Co-I’s, for which the Institute is the lead or subawardee.


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