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Pilot Project Seed Grant Application

Research Affiliates may apply for a Pilot Project Seed Grant of up to $16,000. Pilot projects must align with the mission of the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience and lead to a proposal for funding to a federal agency (with a high likelihood of success) submitted through the Institute within two years of seed grant receipt. If your primary appointment is outside of UCCS, your project must be a collaboration with someone at UCCS who is eligible to submit grants through UCCS and the Institute.

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Next Steps: Institute team members will review your application. Finalists will have a meeting with the Institute research team (Dr. Benight, Dr. Littleton, Dr. Ricca, and Dr. Robinson) to determine final funding decisions.

NOTE: Involving one or more members of the Institute research team in your project is encouraged, as the Institute wants to do everything within our ability to ensure that pilot projects are successful and lead to competitive federal proposals.

Submission: Upon hitting the "SUBMIT" button, changes to your submission will no longer be possible.