Adverse Experiences, Bedtime Behavior, Health and Well-Being

Adverse Experiences Study

Adverse Experiences, Bedtime Behavior, Health and Well-Being

PI: Dr. Steven Bistricky, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Project Description

This study is examining relationships among adults’ behaviors around bedtime, experiences with sleep, past adverse and/or potentially traumatic experiences one may or may not have had, self-critical or self-compassionate tendencies, health, and well-being. We anticipate that findings from this study could increase understanding of what helps or hinders sleep, health, and adaptation to past adversities and traumatic events.

Participant Expectations / Eligibility

Participants complete a set of questionnaires related to sleep, past adverse events, self-regulation, technology use, and mental health in a 30-45-minute online survey. Data collected cannot be connected to participants names and is analyzed in aggregate form. Currently all UCCS students are eligible to participate through research participation credit in Psychology courses. We anticipate opening up participation to a broader population soon.

Participate: We anticipate that you will be able to sign up for the study soon.

Contact Info: Contact Study Coordinator, Paige Klein (, with any questions.