NIHR Welcomes New Postdoctorate Fellows

Carrie yeager smiles at the camera

The National Institute for Human Resilience (NIHR) is excited to welcome a new post-doctorate fellow this year, Dr. Carrie Yeager! Read below to learn more about Carrie!

Dr. Carolyn “Carrie” Yeager

As a Postdoctoral Fellow at NIHR, Dr. Carolyn “Carrie” Yeager (featured image) brings expertise in computer science, clinical psychology, and traumatic stress to inform research in trauma recovery digital health interventions (DHIs). Her passion is to improve access to trauma-informed services through technology, and her research focuses on using technology engagingly and effectively. This research has resulted in several awards, including the International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies Putnam Research Scholar Award in 2016 and the APA Dissertation Research Award in 2018.
Carrie, who got her Master of Science in Computer Science from UCCS in 1989, thinks technology can help transform trauma survivors’ care. Her passion for studying trauma began at a software research firm where she wrote Small Business Innovative Research grants for military and space projects. In 2014, she became interested in applying her technology skills to mental health issues and proposed an art therapy system for combat veterans. At the same time, she became involved with a local non-profit agency providing aftercare services to human trafficking survivors. Together, these events sparked a strong interest in trauma and what she could do to help survivors. 
Carrie reached out to UCCS Psychology Professor Dr. Charles “Chip” Benight and was soon hired as a senior engineer to pursue this interest.  After working with a multi-disciplinary team developing a DHI for burnout and secondary traumatic stress, she enrolled in the UCCS psychology program to become more educated about trauma. In 2020, she became the first to graduate from the UCCS trauma-focused clinical psychology Ph.D. program. 
Carrie is extremely excited to be part of NIHR to focus on resilience and trauma recovery using state of the art science and technology. She reflected, “We have a fantastic team, and I enjoy the innovative and multi-disciplinary focus on strength-based solutions. I feel very fortunate to integrate my unique background into a meaningful career where I can hopefully use it to benefit others.”  When not working, she enjoys skiing, golfing, and hiking up mountains!

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