Breaking Ground: Advancing Human Resilience through the Pilot Project Seed Grant Program

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As part of an ongoing effort to foster innovative and collaborative research at the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience, a groundbreaking initiative, the Pilot Project Seed Grant Program, was introduced in 2023. The program aims to conduct collaborative trauma- and resilience-based research to advance human resilience to adversity by designing evidence-based solutions. The program offers initial financial support to promising research concepts in their early stages, with the potential for further development into externally funded projects. This signifies not only an investment in the future endeavors of our Institute Research Affiliates, but also a commitment to the overall expansion of the Institute’s research division.

In December of 2023, the program officially began with an announcement of the first year’s award recipients, Dr. Kathy Prue-Owens, and Dr. Johanna Creswell-Báez. Dr. Prue-Owens will spearhead a significant project, focusing on the adaptation of the Greater Resilience Information Toolkit (GRIT) curriculum for a Lakota tribe situated in South Dakota. This adaptation process involves incorporating insights from both the elder and general female population of the tribe. By tailoring the GRIT program to Native American women, this project aims to provide a resiliency strategy that offers culturally relevant information, addressing a demographic often overlooked in discussions about mental health outcomes.

Dr. Creswell-Báez, will lead another pioneering endeavor under the Pilot Project Seed Grant Program. The primary objective is to enhance human resilience to adversity by developing a virtual case management system tailored to support unaccompanied immigrant youth across the United States. This interdisciplinary project hinges on the utilization of technology and cross-sector collaboration to create a culturally relevant case management intervention. The goal is to deploy this nationally as a means of aiding migrant children who have undergone significant traumatic stress, forced migration, and family separation. This innovative approach seeks to provide vital support on a broader scale, addressing the unique challenges faced by unaccompanied immigrant youth in communities nationwide.

In conclusion, the Pilot Project Seed Grant Program, launched by the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience in 2023, represents a significant stride towards fostering collaborative and innovative research aimed at advancing human resilience. The program's inaugural projects, led by Dr. Kathy Prue-Owens and Dr. Johanna Creswell-Báez, exemplify its commitment to addressing diverse populations and pressing societal issues. By supporting research initiatives such as the adaptation of resilience strategies for Native American women and the development of a virtual case management system for unaccompanied immigrant youth, the program underscores its dedication to inclusive and impactful solutions. These pioneering efforts not only showcase the potential for transformative research within the Institute but also signify a broader commitment to expanding the frontiers of resilience-based interventions on a national scale.


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