Breaking Ground in Trauma Recovery: Milestones Resilience Care is Now Open

Photo of a Veteran


by Gabe Taylor


After years of planning and anticipation, Milestones Resilience Care, operated by the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience at UCCS, is finally open and seeing clients. The initial clients, a group of Veterans from UCHealth’s Next Chapter, a program aimed at helping Veterans who have experienced trauma, began the program in late spring. Since that time, Milestones has opened its doors to anyone hoping to heal from trauma, stress, or burnout.  

At the core of the Milestones philosophy is a focus on the complete person and empowering a core sense of agency in the healing process. The four pillars of trauma recovery consist of psychological strength, physical well-being, connectedness with others, and a sense of purpose and meaning. Through building resilience in these areas, clients gain a critical skill set to improve functional coping as they heal.   

Milestones takes a personalized approach to healing, with a team of trauma-trained providers who work with clients to develop a tailored healing plan. The clinic provides strength-based, trauma-specific psychotherapy, somatic work such as trauma-informed acupuncture, massage, and yoga, and creative therapies such as music, writing, and painting, as well as outdoor immersion programs including equine-assisted therapy, forest therapy (shinrin yoku), and an integrated sensory experience. By strategically combining these therapies within the client’s healing plan, they will build the foundation necessary to overcome adversity and recover from trauma. Technology is also integrated into the approach to facilitate strength-building and enhance recovery.

The philosophy at Milestones is that healing is a dynamic process and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The team works with clients to access their inner guide, empowering them to chart their own course to health and well-being. Clients have the power to select which services may work best within their personalized healing plan.

Decades of trauma and human resilience research have given us a roadmap showing how individuals can overcome the lasting impact of trauma. By working with a team of trauma-trained providers, Milestones clients can cultivate resilience and recover from trauma, stress, or burnout, to live the life they want to live.

If you or a loved one is struggling with trauma, stress, or burnout, Milestones Resilience Care can help. To learn more about Milestones and the available services, you can visit the website at or call 719-255-6453. You can also reach out to Janet Fritz at for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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