Building Resilient Communities: Trauma Literacy and Empowerment Workshops in Colorado

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The Community Training and Empowerment (CTE) division has been active this spring, delivering Trauma Literacy and Resilience Workshops to numerous community agencies across Colorado. Among these agencies are Partners in Housing, Catholic Charities of Southern Colorado, Marshal ROC, and Family Solutions Collaborative.

Through these workshops, the CTE division aims to provide education on stress and trauma, encompassing topics such as vicarious trauma and burnout. Additionally, practical skills in self-preservation and resilience are imparted to employees within these agencies. The ultimate goal is to equip them to be trauma and resilience-informed.

This knowledge and skill-building process is invaluable for agencies, as it aids in fostering compassion-focused communication, developing trauma prevention skills, and enhancing overall agency resilience.

The workshops conducted by the CTE division are custom-designed, with careful consideration given to organizational values and the unique experiences of employees within each agency. Typical workshop topics include exploring the layers of stress and trauma, understanding the stress injury continuum, learning key wellness strategies, mastering de-escalation techniques, and embracing trauma-informed communication principles.

To learn more about the various programs within the Community Training and Empowerment division, you can visit the CTE landing page here


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