Institute Partners with UCCS Computer Science Department on Cyber Security Grant from the National Science Foundation

NSF Cyber Security Grant Video Discussion


As part of a recent grant award from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience is partnering with the UCCS Computer Science department to develop privacy-preserving and policy-compliant data-sharing capabilities for human resilience research. The research team includes Dr. Shouhuai Xu (Principle Investigator), Dr. Charles Benight (Co-Principal Investigator), and Dr. Yanyan Zhuang (Co-Principal Investigator). This research is critical in the development of more efficient digital data-sharing technologies for researchers and will contribute to accelerated scientific discovery in the field of human resilience. You can find more information about the NSF Cyber Security grant award in this UCCS Communique article.

Below you will find a quick video discussion with Drs. Benight and Xu on the grant award, the importance of the project, and the potential impact this work will have on human resilience research.   



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