Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience Researchers Shine in Global Rankings

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We are thrilled to announce that nine esteemed staff and affiliates from the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience at UCCS have been honored on the prestigious Best Psychology Scientists Top 5,000 Ranking. This recognition is a testament to their significant contributions to the field of psychology and underscores the Institute's commitment to advancing human resilience through groundbreaking research.

The following researchers have earned their place on this esteemed list:

  • Martie Thompson, Ph.D.
  • Christopher Layne, Ph.D.
  • Krystof Kaniasty, Ph.D.
  • Nancy Kassam-Adams, Ph.D.
  • Tom Pyszczynski, Ph.D.
  • Josef Ruzek, Ph.D.
  • Charles Benight, Ph.D.
  • Heather Littleton, Ph.D.
  • Aleksandra Luszczynska, Ph.D.


Being listed among the top 5,000 psychology scientists globally is a remarkable achievement. This ranking is based on a comprehensive analysis of the researchers' contributions, including the impact of their publications, citation indices, and the overall influence of their work within the scientific community.

Inclusion in this list highlights not only the individual accomplishments of our researchers but also the collective impact of the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience on the broader psychological research landscape. These scholars have made significant advancements in understanding human behavior, mental health, and resilience, contributing valuable insights that inform practices and policies worldwide.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Drs. Martie Thompson, Christopher Layne, Krystof Kaniasty, Nancy Kassam-Adams, Tom Pyszczynski, Josef Ruzek, Charles Benight, Heather Littleton, and Aleksandra Luszczynska. Their dedication and excellence in research continue to drive the mission of our Institute, inspiring resilience and fostering hope in the face of adversity.

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