Mayor Mobolade Spotlights GRIT Program in Launch of “1,000 Neighborhood Gatherings” Program

Mayor Speaking to Public


Colorado Springs Mayor Yemi Mobolade recently highlighted the Institute's GRIT (Greater Resilience Information Toolkit) program during a discussion about the city's innovative new initiative, "1,000 Neighborhood Gatherings." The conversation, featured in the Gazette, sheds light on the city's proactive approach to bolstering social support systems.

Under the umbrella of the Colorado Springs Mental Health Initiative, spearheaded by Mayor Mobolade's wife, Abbey Mobolade, the "1,000 Neighborhood Gatherings" project aims to revive a sense of community reminiscent of bygone days when front porch conversations were commonplace. The initiative encourages residents to connect with their neighbors, fostering stronger relationships and combatting loneliness and isolation.

Mayor Mobolade emphasized the importance of building mentally resilient communities, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, where loneliness has emerged as a significant concern. He underscored the role of initiatives like the GRIT program in facilitating meaningful conversations and providing support to those in need.

As the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience’s GRIT program gains recognition for its contribution to community well-being, we are proud to be part of a city-wide effort dedicated to fostering stronger, more connected neighborhoods.

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