Reflecting on the Impact of the GRIT Conference 2024: Fostering Resilience and Community

GRIT Conference Photo


In March 2024, the Ent Center for the Arts buzzed with energy as the GRIT: Resiliency in Action Conference unfolded, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended. Hosted by the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience, this one-day event was a testament to the power of resilience and community.

Thanks to the generous funding from El Paso County and the American Rescue Plan Act, in partnership with the Becoming Your Personal Best, the United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum, and the UCCS Public Safety Initiative, the conference was accessible to all, welcoming a diverse cohort eager to explore personal growth and resilience. From seasoned GRIT Coaches to newcomers, participants delved into the core principles of the GRIT Program, gaining insights and tools to navigate life's challenges.

A stellar lineup of speakers graced the stage, each sharing their unique journey of resilience. Olympians Amy Van Dyken-Rouen and Hunter Kemper captivated the audience with their tales of triumph over adversity, inspiring attendees to embrace their inner strength. Mark Yarbrough, a burnout expert, and Dr. Charles Benight, a trauma and resilience researcher, provided invaluable expertise, enriching the conference with their insights.

Throughout the day, attendees engaged in enriching discussions and activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose. Lunch, provided at no cost, became a hub for networking and connection, further amplifying the community spirit of the event.

The impact of the GRIT Conference reverberated beyond its attendees, capturing the attention of local media outlets. The Colorado Springs Gazette underscored the conference's relevance in the aftermath of the UCCS shooting, emphasizing the importance of resilience in times of adversity. Meanwhile, KOAA highlighted UCCS's commitment to free online resiliency training, aligning with the conference's mission of promoting resilience within the broader community.

As we look back on the success of the GRIT Conference, we are reminded of the transformative power of resilience. Through shared knowledge, experiences, and support, we can forge a path to a more resilient future for all.



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