Peak Recovery Study

Peak Recovery Study

Peak Recovery Study

PI: Dr. Colin Mahoney, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Funding: UCCS Office of Research Committee on Research and Creative Works (CRCW)

Project Description

This is a clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of a 6-session intervention to reduce substance use coping among trauma survivors of acute physical injury. This intervention is being compared to a control condition focused on adaptive coping in general. This study is an ancillary arm of the BRIGHT program

Participant Expectations / Eligibility

For participants that agree to take part in this study, they are randomized before completing either the active treatment or the control condition. Adult patients at UC Health-Memorial Hospital being hospitalized for acute physical injury and having a history of substance use or actively engaging in substance use are eligible for this study.

Contact Info: Contact Study Coordinator Kelly Dixon ( for questions or more information.