Grant Services Request Form

Request Form

Grant Services Request Form

Research Affiliates wishing to submit grants through the Institute may request assistance/support using this form (e.g., budgetary, writing / editing, post-award support).


NOTE: For grant proposals with short turn-around times, please complete this form and then immediately contact Brooks Robinson or Elyse Dunckley as soon as possible. Include the phrase “Fast-Track Needed” in the subject line of your email.

Your Name
Do you have a specific Funding Opportunity or Solicitation identified?
If “YES” go to PART 1
If “NO” go to PART 2


PART 1: Solicitation / Funding Opportunity Information

Submission Method:

PLEASE NOTE: If F & A / ICR is restricted, a determination will be made by the Institute’s Faculty Director of Research Operations to determine if providing grant support services would be an effective use of Institute resources.


PART 2: Pre-Award Grant Support Services (complimentary)

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NOTE: Due to additional costs incurred by the Institute, this request is subject to approval by our Institute’s Faculty Director Research Operations.