Resilience Facts

Optimism and Hope

Fact. As long as we effectively keep physical distance from others and practice good hygiene like washing our hands well and using hand sanitizer when we’re out, our chances of getting the corona virus are actually very low.


Fact. The vast majority of people adapt and are quite resilient following a mass disaster or trauma.


Fact. You have control over more than you realize and focusing on those things will give you hope and optimism.


Fact. Exercise of any kind will boost your immune system and promote resilience.


Fact. Eating non-processed foods like fresh vegetables and grains will help your overall physical health and resilience.


Fact. Social connection has been shown over and over to be a protecting factor against stress and helpful in dealing with disasters.


Fact. Our current technical tools make us more able to manage the CoronaVirus than any time in history.


Fact. We will triumph over this current crisis. 


Fact. When we reach out to help others our brains produce chemicals that will improve our own mood and promote resilience.


Fact. Being in nature has been shown to be healing. 


Fact. Mindfulness breathing promotes calmness and resilience. 


Fact. Beautiful summer weather is coming. 


Fact. Laughing releases important brain chemicals that promote calmness improve mood and fosters resilience.


Fact. Listening or watching negative news information over extended time periods produces negative mood and reduces resilience.


Fact. Creating a new routine is very helpful for feeling normal and fosters resilience.


Fact. Having a strong belief in your own ability to handle this pandemic stress will help you persevere when things get difficult and see things as more of a challenge than a threat.


Fact. We are all in this together and community resilience is based on helping each other to be strong and avoiding negativity.


Fact. Music can produce positive mood through unique brain pathways promoting resilience.


Fact. Setting a reasonable set of daily goals and accomplishing them can boost confidence and improve your mood which fosters resilience.


Fact. Focusing on negative “what if’s” only creates fear and anxiety and does not make us any more able to handle the current stress. Focusing on known information does.


Fact. Saying I love you not only helps you it is a critical source of emotional nutrition that we all hunger for.