Mark Bosmans, Ph.D.

Photo of Dr. Mark Bosmans

Mark Bosmans, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher
Department of Disasters and Environmental Hazards, Nivel-Netherlands institute for health services research


Dr. Bosmans is a senior researcher at the department of Disasters and Environmental Hazards within the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research (Nivel). They work on projects examining the physical and mental impact of disasters and major crises (such as the COVID-19 pandemic), and the exposure to environmental hazards. They also develop guidelines for local public health professionals, for instance on conducting (mental) health care research after disasters and major crises, and on providing aftercare to victims.
Dr. Bosmans has worked with Prof. Benight since 2012 on validation of a Dutch version of the coping self-efficacy scale. 

Research Interests

Dr. Bosmans research focuses on the impact of disasters and crises on mental health, wellbeing and psychosocial functioning, the role of coping and self-efficacy in recovery, and aftercare provided to victims of disasters and crises.

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