Nancy Kassam-Adams, Ph.D.

Nancy Kassam-Adams Photo

Nancy Kassam-Adams, Ph.D.

Research Professor of Pediatrics
Division of Emergency Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania


For over 2 decades, Dr. Kassam-Adams has led a program of translational research examining child and parent posttraumatic stress reactions - delineating prevalence and etiological mechanisms as well as developing and evaluating theoretically-grounded intervention models. She has led several large, multi-disciplinary and/or multi-site projects as P.I., and has expertise in integrating psychosocial interventions for psychological sequelae of injury into pediatric trauma care. She has conducted numerous prospective studies enrolling children, adolescents, and parents in Emergency Department and inpatient medical settings to track psychological sequelae of pediatric injury and serious illness in children and family members, and has collaborated on prospective studies of psychological sequelae in injured adults. Dr. Kassam-Adams leads an international collaboration that maintains a set of unique research resources - data archives ( of prospective studies of child trauma and recovery, and of child trauma intervention studies. As a leader of the FAIR Data theme in the Global Collaboration on Traumatic Stress (, she is actively engaged in promoting data sharing and FAIR data practices in the field of traumatic stress research.

Her work has helped to define the concept and practice of “trauma-informed” pediatric health care. At the Center for Injury Research and Prevention, her team has conducted randomized trials of preventive interventions for traumatic stress that are designed for integrated delivery by health care teams in pediatric medical settings, and of eHealth interventions delivered via the Internet. As Director of the Center for Pediatric Traumatic Stress in the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, she has experience in disseminating research findings regarding trauma-informed care and effective interventions in pediatric health care settings. 


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