RaeAnn Anderson, Ph.D.

RaeAnn Anderson Photo

RaeAnn Anderson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
University of North Dakota


Dr. Anderson’s work is to improve public health response to sexual violence by conducting inclusive, innovative, and solution-focused research, including a focus on improving methodologies. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology and Principle Investigator of the University of North Dakota Sexual Violence Prevention Laboratory. In addition, she is an affiliated scholar with the University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center and the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System Women’s Health Clinic. Dr. Anderson is an expert in sexual violence as a public health problem and her approach is unique in that she conducts research on both victimization and perpetration. She has a strong background in experimental methods and behavioral psychology with specific training in methods for collecting sensitive data, including the development or testing of multiple tools to improve sexual violence research. Her clinical experience includes providing trauma-focused treatment for multiple traumatized, disadvantaged populations such as those seeking trauma or substance detoxification treatment. As a postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Anderson collected an additional seven datasets as a mentored P.I. As an early-career faculty member at the University of North Dakota, she has procured an NIAAA Career Development Award to expand her work on sexual perpetration to include alcohol and related methods, and three state grants to include Indigenous Peoples in sexual violence research.

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