BRIGHT Program

The BRIGHT Program

Providing Tools and Support to Survivors of Physical Injury

Principal Investigator and Project Director, Tim Doenges, Ph.D.


Computer Monitor with BRIGHT website on screen

The BRIGHT Program (Building Resilience after Injury: a Growth and Healing Toolkit) at the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience is funded through a three-year grant from the Colorado Springs Health Foundation. The goal of this grant is to develop and implement trauma-informed behavioral health care services for physical injury patients in Colorado Springs hospital emergency departments. Currently collaborating with UC Health-Memorial Hospital, a busy Level 1 Trauma Center, the BRIGHT program follows a "stepped-care" model. We provide ongoing assessment and a "menu" of services from the acute in-hospital phase to post-discharge recovery.

In order to serve as many patients as possible, we have designed an array of technology-based, telehealth, and in-person services. Program participants have access to a psychoeducational website that provides information about injury recovery. Text message support will provide tips, fun facts, and "in the moment" assessment, and will link participants to the website when they wish to learn more about a topic. Participants will have access to a self-help web-based program designed to help patients cope more effectively with the social and emotional challenges that often arise following a trauma. Participants’ symptoms and strengths will be monitored via email-based communication and electronic symptom screening, and those with highest needs will be offered individualized therapy support provided by team members.

All components of BRIGHT are designed from a resilience framework, helping patients to harness their strengths to cope with the emotional challenges a physical injury may bring. Ultimately, we hope to foster resilience and prevent the development of chronic challenges, including posttraumatic stress. The BRIGHT program is one example of the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience harnessing technology, and the Institute’s considerable technology expertise, to enhance population reach and participant engagement in our support programs and research initiatives. To visit the BRIGHT website, click here. 

To learn more about the BRIGHT program, you can send us an email here.