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Community Training Photo
A year and a half ago we entered the COVID-19 pandemic and were soon faced with the multifaceted challenges that resulted. Today, we are still in a crisis, though the trajectory of the pandemic has changed, and we...
Lyda Hill Institute Photo Collage
A lot has happened at the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience since the last newsletter was published in April. One of the more notable changes is the creation of three organizational divisions, which report...
Global Perspectives on Sexual Violence Symposium Image
On September 24th, the Institute held its first virtual symposium focusing on sexual violence as a global issue. The symposium was chaired by the Institute’s Director of Research Operations, Dr. Heather Littleton...
photo of director Charles Benight
In thinking about this Director’s Corner, I kept coming back to one person as an example of resilience that I think we should all think about, Ms. Simone Biles. Simone is an amazing example of a resilient person...
CREATE Photo Collage
With funds allocated by the CU President, the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience at UCCS (the Institute), in collaboration with UCCS faculty and staff, and local community artists, launched a campus-wide...
photograph of wind turbines
The COVID-19 pandemic, with its complexity and global reach, presents unprecedented challenges for public health and emergency management practitioners. These challenges have been amplified by interactions between the COVID-19 pandemic and extreme weather, such as extreme heat events.
photo of a computer telehealth screen
The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges as well as opportunities regarding the provision of mental health services.
photo of Andrew Smith
In the pandemic, frontline responders have been asked to maintain our critical infrastructure- public health, public safety, and educational systems. And the context for doing this has been no picnic to say the least.
photo of a large stack of papers
Read about excitement, innovation, and frustration while writing grants to support the Greater Resilience Information Toolkit (GRIT) training program.
GRIT poster
A year ago, during a leadership meeting, Dr. Benight talked about an idea to bring our community together.
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